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Ben Chemikal (real name Ben Hodding), was born and raised in Duncan BC, and constantly surrounded by music from a young age. After several years of piano lessons, he went on to play guitar, drums, and any other instrument that was just.. lying around. It wasn’t long until Ben found himself amongst a vancouver island rave, and saw some Electronic DJing first hand. That was all it took to get him hooked on the idea of collecting his own vinyl records, and perfecting the art of the mix. Buying up Nuskool breakbeats and Drum and Bass at first, it was several months before he got into Speed Garage, 4×4, and 2 Step, which remain to be the cornerstone of his sound. Being a big dubstep fan, it didn’t take long for Ben to blend his subby speed garage with his growing collection of dubstep vinyl. Shortly after that, Ben’s two sounds came to a meeting point in his first cracks at music production, and after tons of bootleg remixes and originals (and a good couple years glued to his PC), got signed to Bassment Projex, FX Logiks digital bassline lable, as well as Nu Industry Recordings, both in late 2008. He’ll frequently broaden his style in his live sets to include Bass Heavy, Glitchy Mid-Tempo Breaks guaranteeing his listeners a plethora of soundscapes, original tracks, live mash ups…. and a heaping good time.

“Saying that he rocks is a MAD understatement. There are no words in the dictonary that can quite describe the awesome absurdness of Ben Chemikal…but I agree ;)”
– Meg Super (Meg Super Photography)

“Ben Chemikal rocks the crowd with his impeccable mixing and his ability to rock out with the crowd. With over five years of DJing and producing, he has made a major impression among his peers.”
– ControlFreqRadio.com