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24 NOV: Fernwood Autonomous Radio

Okibi joins Joey Chaos for the inaugural broadcast of Fernwood Autonomous Radio. Tune in from 9PM to 11PM. Checkout the poster after the jump. For more information head to http://radiofernwood.wordpress.com

This is Fernwood Autonomous Radio 99.1 FM, a pirate radio station broadcast from the heart of Victoria, British Columbia. Our line-of-site antenna and hilltop location provides ideal coverage. We are a collaboration between creatives, musicians, artists, poets, bakers, guerilla gardeners, poets, DJ’s, rebels and conformists alike.

We’ve got 12 watts of pure FM power bringing you the freshest beats and localist news. Once a week. It’s special.

Fernwood Autonomous Radio. Thursdays weekly from 9:00pm – 12:001m on 99.1fm. Yowza.

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