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Welcome to Union Sound System

We here at Union Sound System are dedicated to bringing together an array of local people to create the first one stop DIY label for musicians, writers, and artists. We have recently acquired the first tier of our growing sound system. Sitting at 1200 watts we are able to do small-medium concerts, house shows and small-medium events of all types. We are presently working on multiple shows in the new year, and are also available for rentals and bookings.

Along with our new system, we are also home to an expanding selection of very talented DJs, including The Dreadsteppas, featuring Okibi, Spoon, and Dezine; Phrase, Deerface, Plus 2, and Chemikal. Covering all corners of the electronic dance music scene, these DJs know how to fill a dance floor. Alongside our DJs are some very talented bands, including AUTOMATON and Blue Suit Jacket, both of which are working on new CD releases which will also be available for digital download. You can find out more about our DJs and Bands on the Artist pages.

Our next step in the Union Sound System plan is already in motion, building a recording studio for artists. With professional sound engineers already on staff, we will be able to offer bottom dollar high quality sound recordings, as well as production, distribution, and promotion, including merchandise. Union Sound System is Victoria’s next great connection for exposing musicians and artists of all genres to the public’s eyes and ears.

If you are interested in joining Union Sound System or working with us, please feel free to contact us at info@unionsoundsystem.com. For more information on bookings/rentals, you can contact Cote at unionsoundcote@gmail.com.

Keep your eyes and ears open for all the great things to come with Union Sound System. Uniting your sound, with your people.

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