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SPELUNK: Things I Learned at Garbage Mountain

So last night I essentially went broke going to a show in Vancouver.  San Fransisco punks Punch and Loma Prieta headlined, backed by locals Mouse Ear (member of Damages), Out of Sight, and Vacant State.  And I couldn’t help but notice a few things:

-Vancouver punks don’t like to touch each other.

I have no idea why.  Here in Vic, you’re lucky to escape the mosh, let alone have an inch of personal space.  Which I’ve grown to love.  It gives shows an intimate, communal feel.  For some reason, it’s oddly difficult to incite Vancouver folks to mosh.  Those not moshing (most) seem to prefer their breathing room.  Everyone seemed wary to touch those around them, as if nobody was wearing pants.  I’d attribute this to a larger venue if Garbage Mountain wasn’t roughly the size of a city bus.

-There are at least three people in Vancouver who think it’s awesome to push thirty people in the same direction.

If you’ve been to a hardcore show, ever, you’ve seen this guy (always a guy, usually a huge one): the one who spreads his arms and charges sideways across the floor, shoving everyone into a huge pile on the opposite end.  I’ve never understood this, but usually it’s just one guy, and not often.  In Vancouver, there are at least three of them.  Can someone explain this to me?  I can understand if it’s an attempt to incite moshing, but more often than not it interrupts the mosh.  I seemed to be the only one not loving it.  Maybe it’s just me.

– The vocalist for Punch is unquestionably a mutant.

It’s the only way I can explain the sounds coming out of her tiny frame.  She must have been bitten by a radioactive rottweiler or something.  I don’t know what’s going on in there, but she should probably talk to Patrick Stewart about it.

– Also, the drummer is either a robot or a dexedrine junkie.

My vote goes to robot.  He plays in both bands, and nailed both sets.  Somehow.  If you’ve heard either band, you’ll understand my skepticism about his humanity.  The guitarist plays in both as well, but although he was equally on the ball, it’s not as physical an instrument, so he’s probably just awesome.

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